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Allergic Disorders

List of Allergic Disorders • Hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis)  — meaning inflammation in the nose — is produced when IgE antibodies made by the immune system activate mast cells, causing symptoms in the upper respiratory tract. It’s triggered by specific pollens from grasses, weeds or trees appearing in spring, summer or fall. Each pollen-producing […]

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Soy Lecithin Allergies

Soy Lecithin Allergic: An Overview You would have noticed the term “soy lecithin” on various labels. It is a very common ingredient and is one of the top 10 common ingredients used in processed foods. Why is Lecithin  in your food? Lecithin is an oily substance that occurs naturally in animals such as egg yolk […]

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mast cell

What is an Allergic Response?

Three Main Immune Defense Mechanisms The body has three main immune defense mechanisms called “barrier functions”—that, when healthy, prevent foreign and potentially harmful substances from entering the bloodstream. The mucous membrane barrier, consisting of the respiratory system including the throat, nasal passages, and lungs, protects us from inhaled substances (pollen, animal dander). The skin barrier […]

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Barrier Function Default:Root of Allergy and Sensitivity

Barrier function is an important concept in understanding and treating allergy/sensitivity. Barrier functions are those things that keep the patient from becoming sensitized (experiencing a negative body response) to substances. There are three major barriers and some supporting organs to consider. Inadequate digestion for any reason (infection, inflammation, malabsorption) may result in digestive barrier default, […]

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