Wheat Allergy Symptoms And Treatments

Symptoms to Wheat Allergy.

Being allergic to wheat is becoming increasingly common, despite the fact that wheat is a common ingredient in many products, the percentage of the population that develops a wheat allergy is relatively small but increasing quickly.whole_grain_food wheat allergy

Most doctors believe that this is due to the fact that wheat is very easy to digest. Furthermore, the body is able to use most of the minerals and vitamins that are contained in wheat.

Through this there is very little that the body will reject.

Even so, there are still a select few people that develop a wheat allergy and need to learn what can trigger the symptoms and the percentage suffering from allergy or intolerence relating to wheat is increasing significantly.

Most Causes Wheat allergy:

  • a wheat allergy is most often formed with a prolonged exposure to wheat.
  •  it is not easy to pin down the exact cause because there are literally millions of products out there that are created using wheat.
  • People that eat a large amount of wheat intensive products, such as whole wheat bread and the like are more likely to develop this allergy. There are other products out there that are full of wheat germ as well.
  • it is also the likelihood that an infant will be born with an allergy to wheat. Why this is has not been discovered but the theory is that most of the infants come from parents that are prone to the wheat allergy themselves.

Wheat intolerance Symptoms:

wheat allergy symptomsGluten Allergy Symptoms in Women and men occur most often are related to digestion. When a person is allergic to wheat their body losses the ability to properly digest wheat and wheat germ. As such, the body will reject this substance.

This can lead to nausea, stomach cramping, intestinal distress that will make the victim uncomfortable at the very least.

However, there are cases where the ingestion of wheat can cause some severe symptoms as well. There are rare cases where the victim will have respitory distress when they have ingested wheat germ.

The above picture displays a wheat allergy rash.

Most often this is the rarest form of the allergic reaction and is not considered the normal behavior for this allergy.

Wheat Intolerance Foods to Avoid

There is no known cure for the wheat allergy at this time. One must understand that changing how the body reacts to certain substances is not something that can just be changed at a moments notice.

The best method of treatment is to simply avoid wheat and all wheat based products. This is not easy because wheat is used so often in this world but it is possible. Over the years there have been some companies that have been developing Foods without Wheat  that do not contain gluten.

And this is increasing rapidly due to market forces. Everyday items such as gluten free pasta bread and biscuits are now available from supermarkets.

This means that you should be able to get the like foods that you want and still be able to enjoy them without too much trouble.
There are also some supplements on the market that have shown promise in helping the body to digest the wheat based products. They are natural supplements that are available at most of the health food stores.

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