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Vaccinations & The Immune System

Vaccinations may impair the immune system. During the past century, vaccinations have become regarded almost as a rite of passage for children. Beginning as early as a few weeks after birth, the vast majority of children are inoculated against numerous illnesses, including mumps, measles, whooping cough, and polio. Most schools actually require immunizations as part […]

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Lobster Allergy Symptoms

Lobster Allergy Symptoms Having an allergy to an entire food group can be frustrating, particularly if it something as special as lobster. But staying alive is more important then getting that lobster bisque, or surf and turf meal.  If you have recently eaten a lobster and do not feel so good there is a good […]

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Alternative Medicine & Allergies

Alternative Medicine looks at Allergies in a holistic manner. Alternative medicine has practical solutions for identifying and treating the underlying causes and can bring lasting relief to allergy sufferers. Many people have learned this the hard way by living with discomfort displaying symptoms such as sneezing congestion pain sleeplessness and the other assorted symptoms which […]

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Crustacean allergy

Crustacean allergy and the Symptoms. Crustacean allergies are becoming increasingly common. Amongst the common food allergies, crustacean allergy is one such condition that is seen in many people across the globe. Based on a survey conducted in United States assessing 5529 households, it emerged that 2.3% of the population i.e. 6.6 million Americans may suffer […]

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Seafood Allergy

Seafood Allergy & Intolerance Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in the consumption of seafood. Often this increase is due to the health benefits associated with the consumption of some seafood. Seafood is rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and other essential nutrients, it is not surprising that individuals are […]

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