Overcoming Pet Allergies In Your Home

Does your family have issues overcoming Pet Allergies?  The Dyson vacuum cleaner company are doing their best to help.

Where do Pet Allergies come from?

Your much loved pets, Dogs, Cats and Birds etc are a common cause of allergies in the home. As your pets shed hair, feathers or skin cells, they collectively drop Allergens. These Allergens are resilient. Once attached to the surfaces in your home, they remain potent for weeks or perhaps months.

Some of these arise from the Pet itself, but often the allergens are simply collected on the animal’s fur and deposited in your home.

Cute pets, isolated on white

None of this is an issue really, until some one becomes sensitive. When a person’s immune system becomes hyper sensitive, they develop reactions that we call Pet Allergies.It is not the animal hair itself that is a problem, rather what the animal brings in on the hair.

To make matters worse is, it is possible to get animal allergies in your home, when no animal has been there. When an animal leaves it’s dead cells behind. Or it’s urine, even if it drools, it leaves proteins that sensitive people can react too. These can survive on surfaces in the home, and be moved from one home to another by people, on their clothing.

Overcoming Pet Allergies

No matter how this material gets into your home, the important with pet allergies is to get it out, quickly.
In the 1970’s and 80’s James Dyson revolutionized the vacuum cleaner. After thousands of pro-types were tested they created top rated vacuum cleaners for carpets, hardwood floors and for overcoming pet allergies.
The Dyson DC 65 Animal Complete vacuum cleaner is now America’s top selling Vacuum cleaner.


With this machine, Dyson gave us the biggest and strongest of everything they make. The longest cord, and the longest hose. It has their strongest motor,(25% more powerful) and the largest dust storage bin.

There is an extremely powerful Turbo brush, and a specially designed, articulating hard floor cleaning head.
It is even designed so that you never come into contact with the collected allergens when emptying it.
The Dyson DC 65 Animal is so powerful that it will literally lift rugs from the surfaces they are sitting on.

When applied to carpets, this power, and the tangle free turbo brush get deep into the pile. On furniture covers it quickly removes dirt and allergens. It is just as effective on hard floors.

Built into the Handle is a detachable 15 foot wand that makes it easy to clean base boards, furniture, and cushions along with walls and ceilings.
Another critical feature are the industry leading, washable HEPA filters which return clean air to your home.
As you might expect, this is not the cheapest vacuum Cleaner on the market. However it comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Dyson, and a 5 year warranty from Authorized re-sellers.

It might literally be the last high quality vacuum cleaner you ever buy and your first line of defense in overcoming Pet Allergies.

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