Olive Oil Allergy Symptoms – Treatment

Olive Oil allergy is an uncommon condition & could be due to Olives or the oil being adulterated.

olive oil allergy

There has been cases of quite severe reactions to olive oil including severe diarrhea and even eczema when applied to skin. So do not discount any symptoms that you may have as it is quite possibly that it is due to the olive oil you are consuming or in fact even more likely that the oil you are consuming is a brand of olive oil that has been adulterated with cheap oil, perhaps soy peanut hazelnut or sunflower.

When making purchases of olive oil you must be sure that you are buying brand that deserves your trust, as there has been cases of counterfeit extra virgin olive oil. A report carried out by the University of California determined that 69% of extra virgin olive oil is purchased in the US are fake.

So whilst you’re doing your best to avoid hazelnut safflower sun flower canola or peanut oil in the past it has been reported that some brands were including these oils in the product marked extra virgin. It appears the only way with real certainty to actually get pure product is to purchase direct from a co-op of growers or from a single family farm. It really has become that difficult to be sure that you are getting the unadulterated product that you seek.

Apparently most of the olive oil adulteration has been performed by middlemen who purchase the olive oil from individual farmers and sell it on to corporate buyers. There has been no evidence that the corporate buyers are knowingly participating in this fraud. In the report carried out by the University of California if you cannot buy of oil directly from Farmer appears according to the recommendations of the report that you are a lot safer in your purchase if the product is from California or Australia.

Olive allergy symptoms are not unlike most food allergy symptoms. If you have stomach pains after eating that oily pasta then you may want to get checked as you might be allergic to olive oil. One of the best symptoms to check for an allergic reaction is by checking if you get stomach aches from olive oil.

In addition to stomach aches people might also get a rash on their skin and thus should be on a constant look out if they are allergic to olive oil.  

Some of the severe olive oil allergy symptoms are chest pains and migraines.

The chest pains can get quite severe because there is a great inflammation in the chest due to the allergic reaction. Migraines are also another severe symptom of olive oil allergy. A person afflicted with olive oil allergies may also get red, and irritatingly itchy eyes. In addition, to the itchy red eyes a person who has allergies to olive oil might also get sore and watery eyes. There are treatments for olive oil allergies, but extremely severe cases have not been seen. Olives_in_olive_oil allergic reaction plateThe best way to avoid olive oil reactions is avoidance.

However, mistakes do happen and some people who are allergic may have ingested it without knowing.. Look first look for the symptoms of an allergy attack. eg _ consumption of olive oil and skin rash relationship. First, if the person has itchy irritating eyes then make sure to tell the person he or she may have an allergy to olive oil.

Second, always listen to out for chest pains, or headaches that come about after eating olive oil, these signs are crucial for identifying an allergy attack due to oil. In most cases an olive oil allergy attack is mild, the best course of action is to simply let the person get over the symptoms. olive.tree olive oil reaction Allergy medicines might help the cause but it might only lessen the symptoms and not the overall illness.

Remember to be informed and be ready just in case the olive oil allergy attack turns into anaphylactic shock. If you are prone to allergy attacks from lots of food items it would be a good idea to carry an epipen next time you go out to that new Italian restaurant.

The epipen could be a matter of life or death. Staying knowledgeable about different types of allergies will make it easier to stave off an allergy attack or help someone who is having their allergy attack. Read up and always stay current about different allergies.


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