Natural Elimination of Allergy Therapy – NEAT

The allergic response—sneezing, coughing, stuffed-up or runny noses, flushed cheeks, watery eyes, headaches–is a kind of learned behavior.

Once your body recognizes a food, chemical, or plant pollen as dangerous, it stages an inflammatory response as an immune system defense.

Teenage girl with hay fever and handkerchief

Eventually, if the exposure is not prolonged, the allergy symptoms subside, but the next time you have contact with the allergen, you will probably get the same package of unpleasant symptoms—unless you take steps to profoundly change the way your body reacts to these allergens.

Allergy reversal can be achieved by changing the energy dynamics of the nervous system using acupuncture, detoxification, and nutrient support. My approach is called Natural Elimination of Allergy Therapy, or NEAT.

Eighty-seven percent of my allergy patients get good to excellent results in an average of ten NEAT sessions.

Natural Elimination of Allergy Therapy – (NEAT)

With NEAT, allergens are treated in large groups, each treatment spaced one week apart (NAET treats allergens individually or in small groups and in a very particular order); the treatment points are the same for all patients (NAET uses varying points).

Tthe functional integrity of the body’s barrier functions is assessed and treated before desensitization; computerized electrodermal screening analyzes sensitivities (NAET uses manual muscle testing, although some practitioners use electrodermal screening and other techniques of antigen identification); and samples of suspected allergens are collected from the patient’s living environment.

The key to success with NEAT lies in getting a great deal of information about the clinical status of allergy patients before prescribing a program.

I emphasize the word program—NEAT is a protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of allergy/sensitivity disease and follows the principles outlined in this book. It is not just a desensitization technique.

“While standard laboratory tests and stool, urine, and immune profiles are used to assess barrier functions, immune, and endocrine status, NEAT primarily relies on electrodermal screening (EDS) for collecting precise data on a patient’s sensitivities.
Nutrient deficiencies and barrier defaults are corrected before starting with the NEAT desensitization.

Dealing with barrier functions is a key factor in successful allergy elimination. You must have mucous membranes that are moist and effective, skin that is intact and free of lesions, digestion that works. If not, you will resensitize to allergenic foods, despite treatment.

In other words, if your barrier function is not working properly, you will become sensitive (allergic) to foods and substances. Damaged barriers “leak” large molecules of a substance into the blood and this causes sensitization.
In many cases, a two-week detoxification fast and internal cleansing program helps clean out the system and get the bowels moving more frequently and more fully.

The periodic elimination of digestive, metabolic, and toxic environmental waste material is an extremely important process for achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Among the highlights of this program are the following: drinking diluted fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas, bottled water with fresh lemon juice, and fresh vegetable broths; the use of castor oil packs placed on the abdomen (to stimulate liver cleansing); herbal fiber supplements (psyllium seed, apple pectin, oat bran, bentonite clay); herbal laxatives (Cascara sagrada, senna, barberry, ginger, cayenne); alfalfa tablets (to provide chlorophyll which aids cleansing); garlic (to help rid the body of unwanted strains of bacteria); L. acidophilus (to repopulate the intestines with “friendly” bacteria); and enemas (coffee for five days, then goldenseal for five days).

A patient’s potential allergic reaction to up to 2,000 different substances (even supplements and medications), retained as computerized energy (virtual) imprints, can be tested with the EDS device.

Patients bring in samples of suspected allergens from their living environment: contents of a vacuum cleaner bag; dirt and lawn samples from their yard; samples from their bedroom vent, perfumes, cosmetics, toothpastes, soaps, household detergents, disinfectants, cleaning agents, and other high-exposure items (pillow and case, etc). EDS can test the patient’s sensitivity (compatibility) to these everyday items.

There are two visits to gather data and repair barrier functions and support basic biochemistry. On the third visit, the patient is screened for inhalant sensitivities; on the fourth visit, for chemicals; on the fifth, for food allergies; and on the sixth, there is a “clean-up” session in which the patient is retested for sensitivity to all 2,000 items.

During the diagnostic phase, EDS determines energies to which the patient is reacting.

A homeopathic remedy of all reacting (antigenic) energies is prepared in a vial. Energy is a field, not a thing—when a person holds on to the thing (vial), they are interacting with the energy field. The patient is tested with a muscle test (kinesiology) not holding the vial and will be “strong.”

Then, the patient holds the vial containing the adverse energies (antigens). The patient’s energy responds to this adverse energy and starts to react to these imprints.
When you hold this vial, your brain—as it were, the head of your immune system—identifies the vial’s component energies as foreign invaders so it can attack them.

This interaction causes muscular weakness and the muscle test is repeated on the patient while they are holding the vial to show weakness. This indicates that the interaction is happening and that the patient’s brain has identified the offending energies.

While the patient is still holding the vial, an acupressure treatment is performed on the patient to specific Bladder meridian acupoints that are associated with the lungs, spleen and stomach energies, to the huatuo jiagi acupoints, and to extra-meridian points in a standardized sequence.

This balances the patient’s energy while the offending energies are in the patient’s field (holding the vial). This balanced energy gives the brain a new message:

“My energy is normal; I don’t have to attack these substances anymore.” This results in changing the default setting in your brain, so that now it carries out the new message. Because the treatment creates an adverse response in order to correct it, patients get an aggravation of their symptoms in about 50% of cases while holding the vial or within the first 24 hours after treatment.

During the next 24 hours, the patient avoids any contact with all identified allergens for which they have been cleared, and avoids any energy upsets, such as anger, fright, or other strong stimulation, or any energy-based medicines, such as homeopathic remedies.

These could distort or even cancel the new energy state in the process of being established.
The 24-hour excitement curfew is based on the traditional Chinese medicine precept that it takes that long for the body’s basic life force energy, or qi, to pass through the 12 major meridians or energy channels (two hours for each meridian).

After 24 hours, each meridian has “tasted” the new configuration of qi and made appropriate adjustments. Energy treatment can alter physio-logic response. In other words, by changing the way qi flows through the energy channels, you can affect the way the body, nervous system, and organs function.

The Advantages of NEAT

Since NEAT works by persuading the brain, rather than the immune system, to quit attacking offending substances, it has several advantages over conventional immunotherapy.

First, although the immune system is difficult to change and takes a relatively long time to influence, the brain, because it is an organ that controls everything in the body, changes quickly. Since the brain controls the immune system, if the brain’s message is

“Don’t attack,” then the immune system cannot attack. Instead of taking months, possibly years, for immunotherapy to work, NEAT creates change within 24 hours.

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