All You Need To Know About Latex Allergy

Who Suffers from Latex Allergy?

Current Statistics of those suffering from Latex Allergy

Statistics for the population that display a reaction to latex can be divided into various risk groups

  • 8-17% of healthcare workers – The greater the exposure the more likely the reaction will occur
  • Up to 68% of children with spina bifida those that endure frequent surgery is at risk
  • Whilst less than 1% of the U.S. population is affected.

Some other people who have a greater risk of latex allergies are those with a abnormal bone marrow, defect in their urinary trace, and those that have multiple surgeries.Latex Gloves Allergy

Latex exposure happens almost routinely in our daily lives. Most of the time exposure happens through latex gloves, but sometimes it can happen in places like the mouth, vagina, or even in the blood stream. This is why it is very important to be up to date on the all of the latex allergy symptoms.

First, the latex allergy rash is classified in medical terms as non-allergic skin reaction, however if any of you are allergic to latex you will know it is not pleasant. The best solution to this is just to wash your hands thoroughly and apply some vitamin rich lotion to your hands.

The next higher skin reaction is a bit worse then a simple skin rash instead the allergen causes extremely dry, itchy, and burning skin.

These more severe cases last longer and are more spread out through out the body. If this does occur just clean the affected area off and place medicated lotion on the region to stop the awful itching and burning. Then we come to our most sever case of latex allergy attack which in some cases may be fatal. In this case people will start to rhinitis, a stuffy nose, with hay fever symptoms.

Next, the person is start to get conjunctivitis, pink eye. The afflicted person may also develop cramps, hives and extremely itchy skin.

In the most rare cases symptoms develop in to rapid heart rate which leads into chest pains, and tremors. The affected person may also find it hard to breathe and have low blood pressure.

These symptoms put together can lead to Anaphylaxsis which can lead to anaphylactic shock which causes the person to stop breathing.

This is potentially life threatening and should be cared for form the onset of a allergy attack. If you think you are allergic to latex get tested by a doctor immediately.

Why the urgency? In our world it is hard not to come in contact with the rubber material, thus it is always helpful to check your self out.

If you are allergic to latex always carry around an epi-pen never know when the allergy attack might strike. Remember to stay alert about your environment if you are a person prone to allergies.

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