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Air Pollution and the Relationship to Allergies

While the seeming increase in allergies may reflect greater media publicity, more public interest and better diagnosis, many experts suggest that there is probably a real rise in allergy incidence as well. The reason isn’t known, but air pollution (especially vehicle and diesel fumes) and other environmental changes may aggravate allergic symptoms. Epidemiological evidence linking […]

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Reactive Airway Disease/Asthma

Reactive Airway Disease/Asthma—You might be sleeping, jogging, even reading this book when you suddenly start wheezing and coughing. You struggle to breathe, your chest tightens, and anxiety floods your body. You’re experiencing an asthma attack. During an asthma attack, IgE antibodies activate histamine and other chemicals, which trigger the bronchioles (bronchial tubes) to become inflamed […]

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