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Parasites & Allergies

Allergy & Parasites

The Link Between Parasites and Allergy Parasites appear to play two roles in allergy. First, they are highly allergenic; that is, they frequently trigger allergic reactions. In fact, parasitic reactions can be mistaken for food allergy, as is often the case with stro allergic anisakiasis, a condition in which ingesting raw or under-cooked fish containing […]

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Candida Vaginitis & Food Allergy

Candida, Vaginitis & Food Allergy The maddening itch of vaginal inflammation may be caused by three different microscopic organisms. One is the yeastlike fungus Candida. Candida is biologically related to moulds in cheese; yeasts in beer, wine, vinegar and bread; yeast-based B vitamins; and mushrooms. Most of the time, Candida lives compatibly in the intestines […]

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ADHD, Diet & Allergies

ADHD & Hyperactivity in children is a fairly recent condition that was not diagnosed until recent decades. The reason may have been that no one knew it existed and therefore didn’t look for it:- but that would only account for a few overlooked cases. The fact is that it is measurably on the increase, and […]

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Scratchy sore throat allergy

What is Anaphylaxis & How To Manage it

The allergens most liable to trigger anaphylaxis are drugs such as penicillin and some other antibiotics, insect venoms and foods. While anaphylaxis can swiftly kill, not all anaphylactic reactions are fatal. Nonetheless, anyone who has ever experienced a severe, body-wide allergic reaction must be on guard and take precautions. The origins of anaphylaxis were first […]

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