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Household Chemical Hazards

Survey of household chemical hazards Check your home and environment against the following list of possible chemical contaminants. Any of those mentioned can cause severe permanent or temporary chemical allergies symptoms in susceptible people It is important that you realize that the table is not exhaustive — possibly several hundred more exposures occur in a […]

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Formaldehyde – Formalin Allergy

Formaldehyde, often known by its commercial name Formalin is  carcinogenic . There is probably no chemical which is so omnipresent in our modern world. Formaldehyde is insidious and complex in its effects. Exposure to formaldehyde in products which leach into the air can irritate the throat, nose and eyes. Formaldehyde can also be responsible for […]

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Asthma & stress

Asthma Drug Dangers

Asthma Drug in relation to Allergies. –  Although some of the frequently prescribed asthma drugs can be life-saving in an emergency, overuse or long-term use of most asthma medications can produce severe side effects. Oral corticosteroids, such as prednisone, may over a period of time increase a patient’s risk for osteoporosis, diabetes, immune depression, adrenal […]

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mast cell

What is an Allergic Response?

Three Main Immune Defense Mechanisms The body has three main immune defense mechanisms called “barrier functions”—that, when healthy, prevent foreign and potentially harmful substances from entering the bloodstream. The mucous membrane barrier, consisting of the respiratory system including the throat, nasal passages, and lungs, protects us from inhaled substances (pollen, animal dander). The skin barrier […]

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