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Allergic Disorders

List of Allergic Disorders • Hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis)  — meaning inflammation in the nose — is produced when IgE antibodies made by the immune system activate mast cells, causing symptoms in the upper respiratory tract. It’s triggered by specific pollens from grasses, weeds or trees appearing in spring, summer or fall. Each pollen-producing […]

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Garlic Allergy Symptoms

Garlic allergy or allergic contact dermatitis to garlic A common inflammatory skin condition caused by contact with garlic oil or dust. It mostly affects people who cut and handle fresh garlic, such as cooks and chefs. The condition presents on the tips of the thumb, index and middle fingers of the non-dominant hand (which typically […]

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Allergies Causing Skin Inflammation

Skin inflammation atopic dermatitis and eczema. Allergic dermatitis (skin inflammation) One of the most common skin diseases that doctors deal with. Allergic Dermatitis Symptoms can include dryness, itching, redness, crustiness, blisters, watery discharges, cracking and other changes in the normal condition of the skin. Contact dermatitis (a reaction to something touched) Irritation and skin inflammation  […]

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