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Generic Bleach versus Chlorox

Is there a real difference between Generic Bleach versus Clorox ? Even though the Clorox is a “branded” product it must treated as carefully as any product unbranded bleach. Bleach has a great deal of uses and you can find it in the laundry for bleaching as well as the bathroom for cleaning and disinfecting. […]

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Chlorine Intolerance vs. Chlorine Allergy

Similar but very different :- Chlorine Intolerance vs. Chlorine Allergy: One of the most common and easily found elements in the house, commercial, industrial & rural environment is the naturally occurring chlorine. Chlorine is typically a bleach and disinfectant to clean and freshen items in all these environments. When correctly measured and diluted in  water, […]

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Symptoms of Chlorine Allergy

Chlorine Allergy symptoms Chlorine is considered one of the most toxic natural substances.  Chlorine is found in drinking water, swimming pools and washing detergents. We have found that some individuals tolerate chlorine levels in a swimming pool but do not tolerate the chlorine in a spa. This would be for 2 specific reasons, firstly the […]

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