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Bleach Implicated in Child Illness

Bleach Implicated in Child Illness according to recent research The use of bleach to clean the home has been linked to a heightened risk of childhood infections. Research published in the British Medical Journal’s Occupational and Environmental Medicine found children whose parents regularly used bleach to clean the home were more susceptible to the flu, […]

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Alternative Medicine & Allergies

Alternative Medicine looks at Allergies in a holistic manner. Alternative medicine has practical solutions for identifying and treating the underlying causes and can bring lasting relief to allergy sufferers. Many people have learned this the hard way by living with discomfort displaying symptoms such as sneezing congestion pain sleeplessness and the other assorted symptoms which […]

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Symptoms of Chlorine Allergy

Chlorine Allergy symptoms Chlorine is considered one of the most toxic natural substances.  Chlorine is found in drinking water, swimming pools and washing detergents. We have found that some individuals tolerate chlorine levels in a swimming pool but do not tolerate the chlorine in a spa. This would be for 2 specific reasons, firstly the […]

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Hypoglycemia & allergies

Hypoglycemia & allergies Hypoglycemia mimics many conditions and can produce a catalog of symptoms almost as complete as the one for allergy-induced disorders. The word ‘hypoglycemia’ simply means low blood sugar’. Glucose circulating in the bloodstream is a vital metabolic nutrient: all organs combust it with oxygen to release energy for life processes. The brain […]

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