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Scratchy sore throat allergy

What is Anaphylaxis & How To Manage it

The allergens most liable to trigger anaphylaxis are drugs such as penicillin and some other antibiotics, insect venoms and foods. While anaphylaxis can swiftly kill, not all anaphylactic reactions are fatal. Nonetheless, anyone who has ever experienced a severe, body-wide allergic reaction must be on guard and take precautions. The origins of anaphylaxis were first […]

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Soy Lecithin Allergies

Soy Lecithin Allergic: An Overview You would have noticed the term “soy lecithin” on various labels. It is a very common ingredient and is one of the top 10 common ingredients used in processed foods. Why is Lecithin  in your food? Lecithin is an oily substance that occurs naturally in animals such as egg yolk […]

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