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Wary of Unconventional Allergy Tests?

Be Wary of Unconventional Tests and Therapies Despite the fact that allergies are recognizable immune-system reactions, the mistaken notion continues to circulate that many or most inexplicable discomforts or vague health complaints are due to some “allergy.” In their search for relief, ever more people blame multiple environmental factors and turn to “alternative” or unconventional […]

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Vaccinations & The Immune System

Vaccinations may impair the immune system. During the past century, vaccinations have become regarded almost as a rite of passage for children. Beginning as early as a few weeks after birth, the vast majority of children are inoculated against numerous illnesses, including mumps, measles, whooping cough, and polio. Most schools actually require immunizations as part […]

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Essential Fatty Acids & Relation to Allergies

The kinds of fats that make up your diet directly affect the severity of allergic inflammation and other symptoms. The inflammatory process can become uncontrollable or over-reactive when certain dietary factors skew the delicate balance of inflammation-mediating substances. What is the role of Prostagladins? Prostaglandins, which can either cause or decrease inflammation, are composed of […]

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