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Teenage girl with hay fever and handkerchief

Natural Elimination of Allergy Therapy – NEAT

The allergic response—sneezing, coughing, stuffed-up or runny noses, flushed cheeks, watery eyes, headaches–is a kind of learned behavior. Once your body recognizes a food, chemical, or plant pollen as dangerous, it stages an inflammatory response as an immune system defense. Eventually, if the exposure is not prolonged, the allergy symptoms subside, but the next time […]

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Food Allergy in Infants and Children

Allergy to cow’s milk is particularly common in infants and young children. In addition to causing hives and asthma, it can lead to colic and sleeplessness, and perhaps blood in the stool or poor growth. Infants are thought to be particularly susceptible to this allergic syndrome because their immune and digestive systems are immature. Milk allergy can develop within days to months of birth. If your […]

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