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Alcohol Allergy Symptoms

What are Alcohol Allergy Symptoms? Alcohol allergies are is not common in the United States. Most reports of Alcohol Allergy Symptoms occur in the Asian countries and causes the same symptoms as a regular food allergies. Studies have shown that the cause of the alcohol allergy is because of an insufficient amount of the enzyme […]

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ARE YOU ALLERGIC? Many people are sneezing, wheezing and itching without the foggiest notion why. Others endure nameless aches and pains without so much as inkling that their problems may be allergy based. Yet it’s often easy to recognize the characteristic habits, complaints or physical signs of an allergy — if you know what to […]

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Alcoholics, Alcohol & Allergies

It is not widely appreciated that alcoholism is in many cases an alcohol allergy problem. What the addict really craves is his or her allergy food, not alcohol; it is simply that the alcohol allergy providesadditional desire and gives the dose more kick. The real ‘fix’ is with the ingredients, such as corn, wheat, sugar […]

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