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Formaldehyde Exposure

Regulations related to formaldehyde exposure in the home More than two decades ago, the Department of Housing and Urban Development of the United States of America set down standards for newly constructed mobile homes and prefabricated residences. The construction crews are allowed by the industry to use products & building materials that may have formaldehyde […]

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Formaldehyde allergy

What is Formaldehyde allergy & the symptoms. Formaldehyde is a gas with a readily noticeable odor. It’s a colorless chemical compound that has many similarities to VOCs or volatile organic compounds. However, formaldehyde is not strictly classified as such. Formaldehyde has many other popular names like methylaldehyde, oxomethane & methylene oxide. This gas is a […]

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Alcoholics, Alcohol & Allergies

It is not widely appreciated that alcoholism is in many cases an alcohol allergy problem. What the addict really craves is his or her allergy food, not alcohol; it is simply that the alcohol allergy providesadditional desire and gives the dose more kick. The real ‘fix’ is with the ingredients, such as corn, wheat, sugar […]

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