Alternative Medicine & Allergies

Alternative Medicine looks at Allergies in a holistic manner.

Alternative medicine has practical solutions for identifying and treating the underlying causes and can bring lasting relief to allergy sufferers.110774-20130906
Many people have learned this the hard way by living with discomfort displaying symptoms such as sneezing congestion pain sleeplessness and the other assorted symptoms which are all related to an allergy of some kind.
Alternative medicine recognizes that allergies do not have one cause, but multiple factors that together overload your body systems.

For example when you are considering what may be the cause of the symptoms we often just consider what we place in our mouth but is very wise to consider our complete environment.

It can be often found that it is cleaning products, for example bleaches and other chemical products which have been marketed as must haves for every household that can contibute to your lack of well being.

Looking at illness and health in this way makes more for more effective treatment than the single cause focus of conventional medicine.
One of the main issues in treating allergies using conventional medicine has been and in fact still is to prescribe pharmaceuticals to suppress the symptoms rather than assessing the real cause of the allergy.
allergic shinersThe writer of this article has first-hand experience of this. Approximately four years ago I was suffering with pain in my knuckles.

A prescription was provided with the standard painkiller and Anti inflammation active ingredients.

Whereas I received a suggestion from a caring friend that recommended I avoid gluten products for a few months.

Within those three months the pain and swelling within my knuckles had subsided without the use of any pharmaceutical products. Occasionally I do feel some pain and then I consider my diet once again and reduce my coffee intake and gluten and the pain will once again subside.

We realize this is an anecdotal example, but it is a first hand example of which I have experienced the outcome of dietary modification to quell the emergence of allergy related symptoms.
Today it is estimated that 20% of Americans have allergies of some kind, base make it one of the most prevalent chronic health problems facing the health system today.

Conventional medicine offers antihistamines, painkillers and other anti-inflammatory products which are all about suppressing the symptoms.
The concern is also that most of those pharmaceutical products do have serious side effects after long-term use.
Alternative medicine physicians on the other hand, focus on finding the root causes rather than attempting to suppress or alleviate symptoms.
All individuals need to take responsibility for their own well-being physical mental and spiritual. Unfortunately many people have abdicated the responsibility of their health and simply believe that it is the responsibility of the position to maintain their health. Many people are now realizing that it is up to themselves to maintain their well being.

To take responsibility for one’s own health in this instance we need to understand what allergy is.

To explain simply – an allergy is an adverse immune system reaction- sometimes mild, sometimes severe, and unfortunately in some instances may be fatal.

All these reactions take place as a reaction to substances that other people find completely harmless. A substance provoking allergy symptoms is referred to as an allergen. An allergen is a protein that the body judges to be foreign and dangerous and thus attacks it.

This adverse reaction is referred to as an allergic response. The more common manifestations of this allergic response includes fatigue, headaches, watery eyes, sneezing, and stuffy sinuses following exposure to an allergen. Allergic reactions fall into two categories immediate and delayed.


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