Allergy Trigger

What is your allergy trigger?

In its simplest form, skin distress can easily be linked to its cause, allowing you to avoid the allergen.

Many people, however, have no idea why their temperamental skin is always on the verge of breaking out — often despite their best efforts to keep it clean and pampered. cosmetic allergy


This is a list of the top 10 potential common allergy triggers.

The answers to a few key questions can provide helpful clues.

  • Where and when did the skin problem begin? What kind of work do you do?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What medications do you apply to your skin?
  • What household cleaners do you use regularly?
  • If your problems started just recently, ask yourself:
  • What purchases have I made recently? (Jewellery, c perfume and other toiletries; new brand of deterge sheets or towels.)
  • What gifts have I received? (Scarves, furs, gloves, plus any of the ‘purchases’ list.)
  • Am I wearing new clothing or cosmetics?
  • Has my house been sprayed recently with an insecticide (Particles could settle on furnishings.)
  • Have I travelled abroad recently? (Soaps and detergents available from other countries often contain metals like nickel or chemicals not used in the same products in this country.)

Trigger allergy.sneezingAllergy Trigger –

Consider the possibility that any of those contacts is you are exposed to may be a cause of skin allergy.

Like identifying a food allergy, discovering the allergy trigger of a skin allergy takes detective work.

An example  –  a  old business executive discovered. Experienced mild burning in his mouth, for no apparent reason. One day, his lips and the fingers of his left hand broke out in eczema like rash.

One month later, the entire inside of his mouth broke out in blisters, his lips became more inflamed and the palm and sides of the fingers on his left hand were severely irritated.

When he really thought about it, he realized that each episode occurred during or immediately following an out-of-town business trip.

In his travel bag, he kept a tube of red toothpaste that he never used at home.
He called his doctor, who did tests and eventually found that the allergy trigger was cinnamic aldehyde, a cinnamon derivative found not only in red toothpastes but in many other dentifrices, plus foods and household products.
Workers using manual receipt books or cash register paper sometimes discover that they’re allergic to carbonless paper — the kind that frequently comes in tablets and when written on, automatically provides copies, especially duplicates or triplicates for business forms.

It has been found that a high number of users were found to have skin reactions on their hands mainly reddening followed by burning and itching — all found total relief when they stopped having contact with the allergy trigger, carbon less-paper .
Not all allergy triggers are created equal.

Some chemicals, metals or compounds may cause allergy in 5 to 10 per cent of population, while others affect less than 0.01 per cent. And any list of common causes of skin allergy is subject to change as manufacturers reformulate products or new ones become popular..Dermatitis allergy trigger


The important problem, however, isn’t so much how often a substance causes problems, but how easily it can be overlooked in diagnosis.

Parabens, for instance, are widely used preservatives and play a part in about 3 per cent of all allergic skin disease. But unless you know that parabens are vandalizing your skin, chances for complete relief are slim and you’ll continue to flare up every time you apply a salve, lotion or cosmetic containing a paraben.
Certain categories of products — cosmetics and grooming aids, soaps and detergents, clothing, jewellery and food additives — are most likely to contain allergy-causing chemicals, metals or compounds.
If there seems to be no connection whatsoever between your skin problems and a contact, there’s always the possibility that they’re food related. For information regarding Food allergies and the allergy trigger that may cause reactions .


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