Alcohol Allergy Symptoms

What are Alcohol Allergy Symptoms?

Alcohol allergies are is not common in the United States. Most reports of Alcohol Allergy Symptoms occur in the Asian countries and causes the same symptoms as a regular food allergies.

Studies have shown that the cause of the alcohol allergy is because of an insufficient amount of the enzyme Aldehyde Dehydrogenase ALDH. This enzyme is used to break down alcohol to acetic acid which is vinegar. The vinegar is broken down further so that the body can use it for some energy. Thus, people with low levels of ALDH will have allergic reactions because they cannot digest the alcohol to something more edible.

Alcohol Allergy Symptoms

One symptom from an alcohol allergy attack is stomach pain. If a person is complaining of extreme discomfort in their abdomen, it may be a sign that the person is allergic to alcohol. Nausea is another major alcohol allergy symptom; after two-three drinks the person may feel nauseous and may even vomit.

However, vomiting, and stomach pain are hard symptoms to tell apart from an allergy attack or simply from drinking. Instead, look for signs like a stuffy nose or heartburn.

A stuffed nose is a great way to tell if a person is allergic to alcohol because an allergy attack leads to more histamines being released which in turn will instantly clog the nostrils in order to stop the body from further attack.

The allergic person may also complain about heart burn as the alcohol is not digesting in their livers and it might actually feel like the worst heart burn they have ever had.

Heartburn and a stuffy nose are symptoms that are much more unique to a person who truly suffers from alcohol allergy. In certain cases a person’s skin my start to rash or become itchy, if this does happen stop drinking immediately and consult a doctor.

This type of rash might lead to Anaphylaxis and it should be taken care of immediately. In addition , alcohol allergy causes low blood pressure which can lead to all sorts of medical emergencies.

It may take as little as two drinks for allergic symptoms to take effect. However, noticing the symptoms quickly and dealing with the situation effectively can stop a person from visiting the emergency room. If you are allergic to alcohol stay away from caffeine and nicotine.

These stimulants will only speed up the allergic process in the blood stream. In case the emergency does arise that a person is having an allergic attack due to alcohol, have the person stop drinking alcohol and start drinking water.

Benedryl and certain other allergy medicines will have an adverse effect if taken. This is because most allergy medicines are anti-histamines and alcohols actually prevent histamines from being effective, thus making the allergy medicine useless.

However, if the right measures are taken like in any other allergy attack then the person can have a some what of a relaxing experience. Remember to always take things in moderation, and make sure to look for the symptoms of an attack of Alcohol Allergy Symptoms.

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